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I am looking at additional s/w and unsure of how things cross over, if they do, and are they really necessry.
I bought my first HTML coffeecup I think in 96 but age and time, yeah... but I have been in love with the company ever since. Scott has been a pleasure and font of help.

My confusion lies in that I'm old. I had an easier time just typing out the html off the top of my head. Now, time doesn't give me that option and I really should catch up with the rest of the world. I have the RSD, looking at the trial layout maker pro and the foundation framer. CSS is relatively easy for me, again, just typing out. I'm having trouble getting the hang of the "convenience" of these programs.

What I really need to know is, is there any real purpose in having the Foundation Framer and the Responsive Layout Maker Pro on top of the RSD? How does one work with or over the other?

I haven't been creating in a while and trying to resurrect myself. All help is greatly appreciated.
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