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I have not made a translation between russian-english. If you for some reason have found a translation in some way then please address your russian friends thoughts to the one who made it.
I do not understand why you even write about translation here.

Have you even read my initial post?
Was it difficult to understand?
If not, then you should know that the problem is that HTML Editor Free changes cyrillic characters with question marks when opening the document.
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I did get that but as SirAGE told you

as I believe I have answered the question as to why you are unable to see the Russian Text in the Editor. When I look in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\CoffeeCup Software I do not see the Russian language listed. Which means the Editor does not know what the text you are typing is...

I put forward an alternate argument.

You said
I have a web page with text in english, swedish and russian.
The russian text with cyrillic letters shows up as question marks

I put it to you that you could create a page in English (what other is there) and supply any Joe with a means to read the text in their own language. I am not saying that is what you should do. Maybe what you should do is what I did last night I purchased the HTML Editor. I now have full bragging rights in this forum.

I just conducted a test and inserted some Cyrillic text in 4 editors I own and they all show ?????

I Googled, http://ice.he.net/~hedden/cyriltxt.html This offers a solution maybe not the one you want but you must have searched before coming here. It explains why the question marks. I love the internet it always gives me information even if it is not what I want
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Hello Carl!
I have the same problem with CoffeeCup and would be happy to find solution, though If you are looking for another editor the emEditor (free version) has no problems with languages.

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