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If a hand-coded page can behave responsively without media queries, get a perfect score from Google and weigh in at just under 78kB, who needs RLM programs? The in-line styling was done to reduce server calls; the site registers a lot faster on Pingdom, GTMetrix etc than it does on Website Insight. Thanks to Jo Ann and Per for underscoring the obvious; hope someone at Coffee Cup has started work on Version 4. :)
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Hi Colin,

First of all nice website!

Everything that I have been learning over the last two years is that Inline Styling is not so good. Here is an interesting article that tells you the drawbacks to using this approach.

This is not the only article out there that suggests this. All our stylings should be contained in a stylesheet for obvious maintenance reasons. But that being said your website is very light so the extra code on the pages are not that bad but i feel sorry for you if you have to go back and edit 10-12 pages if you decide to change font size or color or anything. As a programmer and website developer stylesheets is the only way for me.

I would also encourage you to view this article... and again its not the only one out there that says the same thing. Using Inline styling too much can effect SEO.
Anyhow that's my two cents :)

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Hi Steve and thanks. The styling is in the head of the document so not as bad as stuffing it all into html tags like the older page encoding software used to (which is why I never used it). The styling is imported to every page as an include, so it's just as easy to edit for the whole site as an external CSS, but doesn't incur an extra round trip to the server. The website has gone from domain registration to Google Page 1 in six months, so I have to be doing something right.

I will read your referenced articles and no doubt learn from them. This old fart is not too old to learn, but not young enough to let a computer do his thinking for him :)

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