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A while ago there was a discussion on webfonts and if they can be used today.
The answer is definitly yes.

Go to

There you can download fonts that are free for use commercially.
Select a font that you would like, open the view font, at the top is a "font-kit" for this font.
Download the font-kit.
What this does is creates the font for you in all the webfont formats and gives you a CSS file that you plug in to your main CSS sheet.
Works with all browsers including IE back to version 4!

Here is an example of a website I updated to use the font Palatino for all the text.

Happy fonting....
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Cool Date & Time Script also has a cool date and time script that i use..
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I use this tool to check my site links.

You can also use it to help others posting for help on the forum. It's very fast.:)
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

This is a site I built for my work.(RSD)
This is a site I built for use in my job.(HTML Editor)
This is my personal site used for testing and as an easy way to share photos.(RLM imported to RSD)
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No one posted but Eric has a great site that has been referenced many times in the forums and I even find myself looking at it sometimes... So if you have not done so, I would recommend that you do...
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Wondering what your site would look like on a mobile device?

Here is a link that will allow you to see just that...
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Useful and fun!
Ironically, all works fine in my Chrome and Firefox browsers,
but not in my IE! :o

Go figure! I probably need to update, again. :/

BTW, when you've had enough of the codey stuff, try
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Is anyone aware of an overall book on skinning/theme-ing forums, e.g. phpBB, InVision Power V., Simple Machines Forums SMF, etc.? Each forum package has its own way of doing things, and when I've looked, if one wants to get deeply into it, it means being aware of and changing the PHP as well as the CSS styles and images. I've done some basic modifications before on a volunteer basis, but not a full theme/skin.

I'm not aware of any book on skinning a single forum system, let alone a general book on doing skins/themes. The only available resources seem to be wading through the online documentation, sometimes deep and labyrinthine, and haunting/lurking the forum support, er, forums.

For that matter, I don't know of an overall discussion of themes/skins for sites. I think one book I got recently discusses themes for WordPress, but that may be more how to fiddle with the existing themes and find others, rather than designing a new theme from the ground up.
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Anybody use 'Snippets'? Code snippets are simple text files that contain information and/or code examples for reference and/or insertion while coding.

There are many programs out there for storing and using these little snippets. Most, if not all, have so many features that by the time you figure them out you could simply have inserted the code you wanted and been on your way.

One of our members, Prism, has come up with a handy and simply way to display your snippet directory for easy reference. Simply store all your text snippets in one directory and then run this simple utility. It will bring up a listing of all your snippets, or you can select a single letter and it will display only those snippets starting with that letter. This makes it easy to search for HTML snippets, css snippets, or any other snippet you may have.

While coding if you need a snippet and have this utility running, you can simply flip to it and find the code you are looking for. No frills, no fuss. Works like a champ.

Prism is offering it for download to any who are interested.
You can get it here:

Be sure to post in an appropriate forum (not this one) if you find this useful and let Prism know how much you appreciate the utility. Thanks Prism!
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I have been researching this for the past few days in my down times. I have not yet decided what to do, but you might want to check this company out. Low cost code snippets. I have learned there is a name for what I want to do. I think you are too. They are called "mega menus". Adding a mixture of elements like text, pictures, even videon they are called "mega panels". This company even has a sticky mega footer that I am thinking of trying.
The question is is if it will integrate well with RSD.
I am going to try on of their products and see. They do follow the 12 panel responsive grid, so I will see how they work with RSD. One of their products mentioned the types of action on buttons. They have show on hover, stick on click, and even better for me, it sticks till another click button on the menu.
My clients have become enamored of the concept of Hero home pages, and I personally find them a waste of time and effort as a user, but I give them what they want. I see mega menus, mega panels used with hero pages as a perfect solution.
If you try them please let me know your results.


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