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Hi all, can anyone tell me how to set sd to another language? So the site designer program is in my own language.

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The language of the web pages can be properly declared by going to the following via the menu:
Pages > Manage Project > General Settings > Language.
That gives the option either to choose the language from a drop-down list, or for the program to detect the language.

If difficulties are found in entering text in a particular language, I think there are several users of the program whose mother tongue is not English, and who could advise how they deal with that matter.


PS. The question suggests a good knowledge of English, and I am assuming that the reference is not to having the whole Site Designer program itself in another language. I am unaware of any such facility to change the language of the program itself.
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Someone has had those thoughts before. Some 12-13 years ago there was an initiative taken by some staffer at CC, asking us users to, as a first thing, translate the CC website. Spanish and Dutch were the languages wished for. Since I don't speak those two languages, I asked if perhaps German was of interest, and it was. So I set out and translated some 8-10 pages, but when I got to the legal stuff, I told them that I would rather not do those because I didn't want to be in the loop in case I happened to get something wrong. The answer was that they had already got a ZILLION of different translations performed by Google Translate, and you maybe know what they are worth, or what they were worth that long ago. So they gave up the project... :rolleyes:
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