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I would like to be able to "chain" any number of selection lists together in an interdependent manner.

It should work like that found at: … /index.htm
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Hiya Webby,

That's basically what you do with the conditionals setups that are already implemented in the program. You can find more information in the article here: … -property/
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Been there - Done that! :cool:
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Hello, All -

Could we implement a way of being able to use the form's $_POST data on the confirmation page please? Currently there is no way to do this. I raised the issue on the forum some time ago...

Although there are work-arounds it's actually easier to build a form from scratch (without WFB) than it is to rewire WFB to get around the issue!

Being able to use and manipulate the $_POST data would open up a lot of possibilities - not least the ability to assemble more complex payment/donation pages.

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Ross R wrote:
An option for Square Payments would be welcome.

Yes Square, GoPayment and Here (paypal) would be a big feature since so many people are using them these days.

Also, as way to have the form send the person filling it out, a number of some sort (like a serial number) which would prove that they used your form. This would separate spammers from real people as the person could use that serial number as proof that they used your form.

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I would love to have the ability to have a payment form with an attached file, so when the payment is successful, the person is emailed the file.
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Also, if there could be a new payment provider - eWay ( that would be awesome!
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I want to ask the form-filler to list individual members of a group and an activity they are interested in from a list. I thought I would just put a text box and ask the operator to put one person and activity suggestion per line. But, in preview mode at least, when I hit return it takes me back to the beginning of the form. Is there a way to have the operator fill in one name and activity per line (with paragraph breaks, I assume) so that I can receive those names in a group?
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Conditional submit button would be great. I need for an Agree to Terms box is checked before Submit button is available.
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Make the check box required.
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