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If you publish to S-Drive, oh how easy it would be. ;)

It looks to me like you are not uploading the files correctly to your server. First, make sure you do have the most current version installed. Then open and re-save your form. After you do that, follow the steps here at … your-page/
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This issue is sorted now. It turned out to be a corrupted email field,which was set as a text field, that was causing the problem. All is working fine now.

I would happily use S Drive, but I have lots of sites on my hosting provider, and don't really understand S Drive, so, it makes me scared to try it!
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I'm having a problem with the first form I've created with the new version of the program. … Report.htm

It seems to work but when I click "Submit" instead of going to the page I directed it to which would be
it stays there with a blank space where the form was aand the statement: "No input file specified." -- and it doesn't send the form info out.

I asked my host if we have the required stuff on the server to make the new version of Form Builder work as stated on this page: … m-builder/ -
"To use Web Form Builder on your on your Windows (IIS/7.0) or Linux server, you must have PHP 5.2 or higher, cURL extensions, and PHP sessions enabled."

and he replied:
"We are currently running IIS 6.0, not IIS 7.0.
I do have plans to upgrade our server, likely at some point this year. But I do not have a precise or even estimated date, and it could be late this year, as we would be moving to a completely new machine with latest operating system, etc.
If the form builder should also work on IIS 6.0, let me know and I'll try to troubleshoot more with you. But if they require IIS 7.0, then that could be why it's not working."

Can you tell me if this is the issue?


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