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I had a simple form working on my website previously - created with a prior version of Web Form Builder. Now I have created a new form with the latest version of Form Builder, and the email function is failing no matter what I do. (see attached image for the failure message).

I have verified that my server has PHP version 5.2.17, that cURL is enabled as well as PHP sessions, and the email address I am using to send the mail messages to is valid. Can someone please let me know what I am doing wrong?

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To fix this go to Settings > Email Notices > Notification message and in the FROM address, place an email address that is on that server. Then save and re-upload all of your files.
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My provider is Bigpond in AU and I cannot use my email address it gets lost somewhere when a message comes from a form. I solved that by getting a gmail address using that and setting the gmail to bounce the mail straight to my own email. I was getting strange warnings but all good now. This may not be your problem but something to know. Apparently Gmail is not considered spam or undesirable.

Bigpond owns the copper and trying to contact to them requires a crash course in Indian Strine which is beyond me. Be like me attempting to speak with an American accent. Paul Hogan "Crocodile Dundee" tried and everyone heard how that turned out.

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Having the same issue. No email is coming AND it doesn't redirect to the page I have it set to redirect to either... NOT GOOD.
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I have done what you suggested and still the mail will not send. I am working with a client who uses an in-house Exchange Server, so I thought maybe the failure was due to the fact that the "from" email address I was using exists on both the Exchange Server and the website hosting server, so I created a new website server account called "info@" and used that in the form settings. Still got the same error message.

You can view/test the form here:

Could the problem be somehow related to the fact I am not using the "root" directory for the form? I'm really trying to use CoffeeCup form builder for this project, but I don't see a way to make this work. Please advise if you can give me any more clues.
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Check to make sure you have a valid e-mail entered in the from box.:)
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I am also not able to get my form to either redirect to the page I've indicated, or to send an email.

Any help is appreciated
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I am also having this problem. The previous (English) version of the form, created some years ago, works fine (redirects to an acknowledgment page and sends an acknowledgement email). However, the French version that I have just created, which is identical in every way except for translated text, is not redirecting or sending an acknowledgement.

Am using version 8.3 build 206 of Web Form Builder on Windows 7

Thanks for any help
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My problem is now resolved: simple error on my part (as usual :rolleyes:). I hadn't realised that I had to upload the to the server from within Form Builder as well as from HTML Editor. :)

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