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I purchased the calendar software last year. I have the same things happening with my calendar: dates don't show up correctly or dates that should be there are not always there and dates that shouldn't be there are there. And the 1 on first day on the calendar is different from the others. This doesn't happen always, but enough that it gets frustrating. I gets calls from worried clients because they have checked the calendar and don't see their event. I have learned (from reading other messages) that I need to refresh the browser to make the calendar display correctly. My clients (and potential clients), however, don't know this - and nor should they be expected to.

When one purchases a product, it is expected that said product will operate correctly or will quickly be updated so that said product does work properly. I don't see this happening with the Web Calendar. I like the calendar very much and believe that I have been extremely patient. Fixing these "bugs" should be listed as priority.

I also purchased the Web Jukebox and it works like a charm - so I know the software can work. Come Coffee Cup- help us out! When we look good, you look good.
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There are already quite a few threads relating to this much loved application and the issues relating to it.

Coffee Cup is still selling a product that when push comes to shove, does not work. In fact, they appear to be in no rush to deliver a fix for this one at all.

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Hey guys, I'm curious about any updates with these issues. I haven't tested this out since March when I noticed the issues and am now checking it out again. I see the "1st" changing to a tiny 1 still. But so far, I only see dates being incorrect if I make the event a "yearly" event. I haven't tried other reoccurring options yet. Assimo, are you events that are showing up on the wrong dates one-time events or set to weekly/monthly/yearly/etc? Again, I haven't tested enough to make out anything for sure, just what I've notice so far.
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Mostly it is recurring events that show up on the wrong dates. For instance, a workshop that is scheduled for 3 days in one month may appear for several days in another month, either in addition to the correct month or sometimes instead of the correct month. One of my biggest problems, though, is that some one time events don't show up at all unless I refresh the calendar - and I shouldn't have to do this. It is some kind of glitch, because it doesn't happen all the time, but you never know when it is gonna happen - and this is the troubling part.
I really like the calendar, I just want it to work correctly.
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I hear ya. I've read of others having events disappear and reappear. I haven't seen it myself yet, though. I'm thinking the reoccurring event issues are due to a leap year miscalculation, but that wouldn't explain why the events disappear at times, so that might be a whole different issues (along w/ the mysterious 1st that loads tiny here & there). Well, all I can say for now is the program hasn't been forgotten. It may be getting a much needed update, but it might be a while. Form Builder just had its overhaul, Photo Gallery may be next. Let's hope Web Calendar is after that. I agree though, I like the calendar too and can't wait for the day we can trust that it's 100%.
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ahhh, should have done a search 1st before I posted my question. I see that my issue is a common one.

Too bad I didn't do my research before I bought it.
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XP Media not sure of. Placing Calender in VSD I can help with the following link.
What is your web hosting service company?

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This is a pretty quick step process.

1. Create your calendar. Save the calendar to the folder where all your Visual Site Designer files are

2. Copy the code that Web Calendar gives you when you saved it.

3. Load Visual Site Designer and click on the HTML Tool.

4. Paste the code from Calendar into there.

5. A Dialog box will come up. Follow the steps.

6. Save your Website in Visual Site Designer and Upload
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