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I realise that this may not be everyone's cup of tea (or coffee in this case :-) ) but could I suggest that the software is made available via bit-torrent.

Reason I ask is that I am downloading the latest version of html editor (Nice one guys) and I am getting one of the worst download speeds I have had in years.

If it was via torrent at least you would find that others would share their downloads and would remove some of the load of your servers and people would benefit from a faster download speed.

Just my 2 cents worth. Oh and I am willing to volunteer to host the software for a month or two after I had downloaded it, if it were available, on a computer available 24/7 to help others out



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I second that issue with the download speed today for sure. I will say though that is is highly unusual for CC's site to be this slow for downloads, so it could be that there is an extremely high volume of people downloading the Newly released HTML Editor (since the email just went out today) and I'm sure that will pick up once that slows down.

Just for the record, my download speeds are usually around 600 to 700 kb/sec and today's download for the HTML Editor was 70 - 150 kb/sec fluctuating like crazy (which affirms how busy the server probably is with downloaders).

I personally don't think a Torrent type system is needed here, but that's just my opinion which doesn't hold Torrent type systems in very high regard due to all the hackers using it. :P

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Yeah, I don't ever see that happening. Putting all of our registered versions of software up on a torrent would be like throwing hundred dollar bills out the car window heading down the highway ;)

Downloads through our Website should be extremely fast as we have a very large pipe and plenty of bandwidth ;)
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"Should" being the key word there today lol, it's obviously not fast today :P

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Ok fair argument on the problem of limiting the access to registered versions, maybe a case of looking at license keys or something, i don't know.

I am currently getting 25kB/s download and there is no other download going on. I regularly expect downloads of 600-700kB/s.

I do realise that it is probably mostly down to the time of release but it is a bit frustrating as I just want to play with the new software and I am stuck waiting :-(



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Sorry for the slow downloads everyone. It's like that mad rush to get into Macy's during the holidays. The servers are just working hard, it will speed up once the rush subsides.

I can confirm that torrents will probably never happen as an official distribution channel for our software. We might employ a CDN in the future though.

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My downloads today went as fast as normal..
Thanks for the deal on HTML Editor themes :) I didn't have any of those in my collection till now. Sometimes it pays to wait. :D

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Just came in to download the new version and found I has 11 programs with updates. Downloaded everything in less than 2 min. Spent most of the time clicking to Download and Save. *g I'm using Firefox.

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You think it's slow today, wait'll SCC Pro comes online... :D

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It has been really slow for me as well. Actually, over the last couple days at night, I have tried downloading updates and stuff and can barely get over 100kbs.
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