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This seems to be a popular trend among websites and designers, albeit debated. Current software that's out there is way too expensive unless you go with the free stuff, which isn't as trustworthy. Anyway, would be great if CC were to add this software type to their repertoire. I would certainly get in line.

P.S. I realize that Photo Gallery can be manipulated for this purpose, but not very effectively.
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Matthew I've mentioned this before. CC should of done a decent Slider software some time ago but haven't come up with the goods, it's a real downer for me, since it's so obvious web designers NEED good slider software, it's part and parcel of your toolset, it's like having bricklayer without a trowel. Photo Gallery is tripe which I've also mentioned, it's not that it's Flash so much for me, but you can't do anything about resizing it.
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Hey my name is Matthew too, we must be twins!! j/k..

I think that the slider software is a great idea for CoffeeCup to work on as well..
I am currently using wowslider, which i'm sure everyone else is too.. if not
check out
It's worth it.. for now
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Oh too many Mathews :P Yeah I think many will use WoW slider it ain't cheap though. I use as well something called Basic Slider, it's JQuery, I think it's quite good and saves me programming my own.

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