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Hi Frank,

Please note that the guide that you are looking at is not for SD3 it is for CSS Grid which are two completely different apps. If you are working in SD3 it is important that you start in fallback first then move to the Grid otherwise your styles will have to be completely redone when switching from grid to fallback.

If you do it the other way around your stylings will carry forward to the grid.

Here are some tutorials that are very useful … amp;view=1

Hope this helps
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Steve Kolish

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Hi Steve.

Thanks for the reference to the video tutorials, and for showing that you agree with what I said about starting with Fallback First in SD V3.

Bob is looking into the matter at present. The links given in my post are (in order of appearance) as follows.
1. This is part of the SD V3 'Site Designer User Guide' in that program's Help menu,
2. This not shown as related to any particular program, but refers to moving from Bootstrap to CSS Grid (I think that CSS Grid Builder will not open files other than those created in CSS Grid Builder, but SD V3 will);
3. This refers to SD V3, as shown by the graphic in the section entitled 'An article post using grid with fallback layout'.


PS. I suspect that the same need to start with Fallback First would apply also to CSS Grid Builder.
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Thanks for the help with my issue. I really don't know what I would do without this forum!
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The relevant part of the Guide mentioned at (a) of my post on Wednesday 25 July has now been amended to make clear that the basic styling is done in Fallback First, removing the mention of doing it the other way round. As mentioned in that post, there was nothing incorrect in the guidance, but there was the potential for considerable extra work.

That resolves the matter. My thanks to Inger for suggesting that I mention it directly to Bob, and to Bob for getting it dealt with so promptly.


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