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hello, is it possible to change a h1 Tag to an h2 Tag without exchange the element itself?
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Nope sorry that's one thing we cannot do yet in SD, can be done after exporting, but then that would require doing it all over again if you made any changes to the project fil again.

how many have you got to do
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I believe there is no way of doing without creating the <h2> immediately below it, copying the text from the <h1> element into it, and deleting the <h1> element.

That is, of course, a problem only if one has loads of them to do. My website has hundreds of pages, and I wanted to change scores of paragraph elements into <h6> ones. It proved quick and easy simply by setting up a macro to do the work for me so that I could select a paragraph that needed conversion, and click a key or two to do the job. It does need third party software to do this: I use MacroToolworks.

Using macro software in conjunction with SD can be a massive time saver in multi-page projects.

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The easy change of one header size to another has been asked for, but so far nothing has happened. A workaround could be to give the heading that you want to change, an extra class name (just some name that you haven't used for anything else), and then style that class the way you want to have it. (Remember, I have shown you how to 'inactivate' a class by clicking on it and make it black-looking). Afterwards you go around to the other instances where you want the same change, and just add that new class name.
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Many thanks to all. yes, i was afraid of it ...
And yes @Inger I remember this, many thanks for the hint I'll check it out!
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Yes you can. … nge-h1-h2/
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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This is a site I built for use in my job.(HTML Editor)
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