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I just signed on for the Webbie plan and added a url. Previously, I used the free .coffeecup address for streams. My new domain address however, still points to the old streams that were on the free .coffeecup site. For now, I changed the new url to display "Site" rather than "Streams" under settings. Questions:

1. I noticed that under Manage Domains, there was an option to point the new url away from the .coffeecup web address, to "not on s-drive." What does this do when selected?

2. Why does my free .coffeecup address still have anything to do with my newly purchased domain?

3. Is there a way to delete old streams in bundles rather than one at a time?

Thanks guys.
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I think I understand a little more now about the purchased url affixed to the coffeecup free url account.

I created a second free .coffeecup account and pointed my purchased domain to it in order to have a clean slate. Only now, my stream isn't working.

To sum it up:

wordreach.coffeecup.com = initial setup
soldoutbeliever.com = webbie purchased account
soldoutbeliever.coffeecup.com = new free account for clean slate

Under "Manage Domains" I have:

soldoutbeliever.com pointing to the "S-Drive Address," soldoutbeliever.coffeecup.com, with its fresh stream.

Under S-Drive Settings for my webbie account soldoutbeleiver.com, I have:

Primary Domain Name = soldoutbeliever.com
Coffeecup URL = soldoutbeliever.coffeecup.com
Default Content = Stream

Problem = no stream just CC "oops" page

Must I point the webbie puchased URL/domain to the original wordreach.coffeecup.com for it to work?

There seems to be too much juggling here. A bit frustrating.

Thanks all.

Posted this under S-Drive General. Sorry for the redundancy.
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I think I understand now from searching the forums. Basically, your stuck with the .coffeecup address that is originally assigned to the purchased webbie domain.
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That is correct. We cannot rename that address, but I can delete them and then you can create a new name and point the domain to that. If that is what you would like, just open a support ticket for that and I will take care of that for you.
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Thanks Scott. That sounds good. I'll make a ticket. I've already created an additional site: soldoutbeliever.coffeecup.com

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