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mark johnson wrote:
Hello All...
Mansour...the parallax video is very helpful! Thanks!

I would like to apply the parallax effect to the "comet" layout in the template pack? What I have done so far was not change the layout at all, but add the parallax from the video to the very top. It works except when the pre-existing layout comes up it is below the banner image (not above)...as well...I have removed the element "main" that is done in the video...same result...whether its there or not=same thing. I have played around with css a bunch and have got so many variations to partially work but not all to work.

Any ideas? I have nothing to post as I did not save it. I messed around with "position relative" on just about the entire css and that yielded the closest...but no cigar. :) Speaking of that...is there a "blanket" command to apply a "position:relative" as opposed to doing each one separately?

I hope someone can follow what I'm trying to say. If not, no worries.

Thanks to all who are constantly helping others (like me) on this forum!!!:)


Sorry it's hard to tell without any project file.
search YouTube or Google you may get some tuts.
Guys at coffeecup are awesometacular.

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