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Hi guys,

Just a quick question.

I know if you go into layouts>manageproject
Then you can double click on the pages to change the title which appears in the browser.

However when I export it also inherits that name as the filename rather than index.html etc.

Is there a better way to manage this rather than exporting and then renaming the files afterwards?

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Hey Adam,

You have that backwards. :P Going to Layouts > Manage Project changes the exported file name. The title of the page is then pulled from the file name.

You have to change the title after export as there are no options for this in RLM. This will be a feature of RSD. :)

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Ahah fair call!
Sounds good Adam - really looking forward to getting my hands on RSD!

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+1 I too look forward to "it" being released ... (i never said the word that should not be spoken)
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