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We'd love a "find and replace" option for text that can search the underlying code, to which we don't have access, and change things we have in multiple places.

Use case:
We have a featured product in our newsletter with a photo linked, a name that it's the title and alt text, and a text line below the photo also linked.
Next newsletter we want to replace that item with a new one. The title, alt, and text line, as well as all places that item number appears in image source and link targets, could all be find/replaced quicker and with fewer errors.

We can imagine a number of other uses as well.

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I know version 4.0 is eminent but, the ability to add Litmus (or your favorite ESP) tracking code into the footer or end of the email between </table> and </body> tags would be a real welcome edition for me. Having to add this in in a text editor is easy enough but maintaining a living, breathing version of each email of the campaign inside RED would be way more efficient.
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Any chance you'll have a 64-bit Mac OS (Catalina) version available soon?
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I am using RED to enhance the email output generated in Web Form Builder.
I would like to see a similar condition/rule-based display option in RED for text fields, or some means of importing text fields (not input fields) from WFB (if they are displaying in the form), where I already use the rule-based display option. This facility enables one to use one form for multiple different selections, each with their own related texts.
This is what I want to replicate in RED.
Thank you

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