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I made a responsive email in red and exported the code to Mailchimp. The test emails are looking good. Even in Outlook 2007. However when I want to forward the mail with Outlook 2007 the layout is heavenly damaged.

This is important to me because the mail serves in a communityproject in which retailers are involved as go between with their customers. As it is not likely that they give us their adresses for Mailchimp I have to ask them to forward the mail.
But when Outlook is involved I am at risk to get a very bad result, which is no good for the exposure of the project.

Did you encouter this problem also? And if so, do you have knowledge of a solution?
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Hi Hans,

There is no solution for that issue. When you forward from outlook (or any mail app) it will mess up all the mark-up, thats just the way mail clients work when your dealing with advanced css3 mark-up. The only way your going to be able to do this is if you have their email address. The only other thing you can do is ask your client to purchase RED and then send them the RED file so they can send it themselves.
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That is because when you do a forward, many of the styles are lost during that process. I would recommend that you use either RED to send that person a copy of the message or use your email client and send it directly.
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Thanks guys. I understand.
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