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Just want to let people how this is working for me! A while ago I was using responsive slider and it worked great for different subjects. What I found it was a HOG regarding memory.
So I started using Animation Studio, and that was so much easier to use that Responsive slider. I could pop out three or 4 different special.

I then start to look at Responsive slider and I asked why wasn't it updated??? To my surprise they (Susannah) told me it was in Site designer...... I tried a few times but Just couldn't get it to work?
So my preference is Animation Studio...... try it! it really easy to use!
works great

Let me know if you like it we might get Coffeecup to update it! :D
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The slider in site designer is in the foundation framework and is called "orbit"
Works great is very versatile and easily adapted. No need for third party stuff. There is one I believe similar within the bootstrap framework but not so easy to adapt.
The foundation one can be used in vanilla by putting it into an HTML element.

So all in all the slider available within site designer are great and very usable just maybe needs a little learning how to use it.

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