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  • Bio: I've been doing Website designs for 25+ years and using Coffeecup.... A lot has changed since the first Website I've done. I ran a BBS for 8 years before websites became popular. Endeavor BBS.

    I'm always pulling Scott's chain, with stupid questions! Like WHY did they remove the COLOR pallet from FTP software. A valid question, for me anyway! FTP just doesn't work anymore and HASN'T been for 10 years! Pictures will not upload correctly making my HTML not work! I use WINSCP works ok but I liked Coffeecup FTP! even my brother likes it! but he's not interested in websites anymore.

    And why didn't they put a way to send out all your website passwords and descriptions to a FILE! DUH! I had 7 clients.... Now I have 3 ... signs of the changing times. I had to START all over with Site Designer.... Tough to learn and one can't just change a Email on the fly like HTML. I'm pushing 74 now and don't really know if SOFTWARE is going to make it in the next couple of years! Crazy stuff going on! NEED MORE TIME or a cheaper price!

    I'm using Coffeecup Animator...Why did you drop this software? dumb! but it's your business.

    NOW 6/24/2023 I'm going to try to USE FTP again! I stopped using it after it changed my pictures to mush! Told u guys! said it was my problem! well, I'm using windows system and it works but I like FTP.
    I download it and try it again

    WELL HOW ABOUT THAT! I can't download any of the FREE SOFTWARE! son of a GUN! 6/24/2023 Guess I'm too OLD!

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