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So Scott, what's the name of your first born and where do we find him/her on Oct. 1st? :D
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I had all but given up on Shopping Cart Creator Pro :D I remember about this time last year thinking it would not be long until it is released... well we will see what happens this year...
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Web Calendar

Hopefully you will solve the bug where a complete month goes missing, I can't remember which one it is but somebody else may and can post it here.
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Thanks very much for the update Scott - as New Zealand is ahead of most of the world - in time anyway :) this means we'll get SCC pro ahead of everyone else !!!!
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I wouldn't get too excited about timing, considering that the lads and lassies at CC are just now getting around to celebrating Memorial Day... :rolleyes:
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Tark wrote:
Thanks very much for the update Scott - as New Zealand is ahead of most of the world - in time anyway :) this means we'll get SCC pro ahead of everyone else !!!!

Here is the clue, pro will go live during Coffeecup's working day. :cool:
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Thanks Scott for the update goodies. :)
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Thanks Scooter...... Your correspondence is ALWAYS greatly appreciated.

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Scott Swedorski wrote:

Shopping Cart Creator Basic and Pro:
I swear on my first born child that this program will be released in September. I have already informed everyone at CoffeeCup that I will go on a hunger strike if there is any more delay. Unfortunately they laughed at me on the hunger strike part as I could stand to loose a few pounds anyway. Regardless, all of your forum posts, support e-mails, phone calls and sky writings by bi-planes over our office have been heard. ;)

I already have two kids but need Coffee Cup Shopping Cart Creator Pro so I have an offer for ya... You can have your kid back for a copy of Shopping Cart Pro.:)
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Well judging by the first page when I logged on the September release was missed, but that doesn't have to be all bad news.

How about packaging it with Designer Pro,maybe even several different packages, and post them online for preorder (and possibly discounted price)?

I hope that there will be some concideration for those of us that have all of the different programs already and make something like the webmaster package that contains ALL of your programs and have a price and an upgrade price. (The difference between the webmaster package as it waas, and the package as it is)

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