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  • Bio: A computer geek from the days of the ZX81 and Spectrum and early PCs when you paid an outrageous fortune for hardware - from memory $800 for a 20Mb HDD and about the same for a 4" wide B&W hand scanner!

    After a lifetime working for a government department and developing skills in computer graphics, publishing, media liaison and webwork I took early retirement so I could set up a consultancy - www.tark.co.nz. Ironically, most of my work is now contracting to the very department I left two years ago! If I had not gone out on my own I doubt that I would have stumbled upon CoffeeCup and its great range of affordable software. I struggled trying to use Agora and osCommerce to build website shopping carts and then ... I found Shopping Cart Creator - how could building a shopping cart be so simple?

    I now focus my work on designing publications for pre-press, computer graphics, DVD compilation and some web design. As I work from home I am now also an expert vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, laundry man, chef and gardener. Life is good!

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