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  • Bio: Free free to contact me at 402-813-4034 for fast web design assistance that's professional, and pleasing to the eye. I do HTML and graphics design and have many references from large organizations.

    I have been using CC software since 2005 and found not only is it viable for those building a website, it offers the major game to those new or experienced with internet marketing and need to get products or branding out on the net quickly. Most CC software has multiple applications(in many cases not advertised probably because of confusing some new to web design including in many cases, marketing your product.

    If you have questions about the above applications cc support many of these because it's not a standard application of the software), email me: staff@websnoogie.com. I offer free and paid support. If you have general questions about the software, either post on the forum (the folks on here are the best at helping), or submit a ticket to Coffeecup. You can also contact me through my sigs. :)

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