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I think you should re-read what I posted instead of twisting my words. I consider this topic closed. Thanks for all your support.

Take care and all the best.
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Great job - I am extremely happy with the new user interface. I had earlier versions of Lockbox but never used the application because didn't feel the interface was efficient enough. As far as using Lockbox on more than one system - I have my database on a cloud server and access that through my desktop and laptops for when I am using each system. Just wanted to point that out as a possibility for your users.


1) Would like to see a minimize to tray features - I don't have to launch the app because I don't close it but would be nice.
2) Not sure if it is in the app now but color coded categories would be visually easier to navigate to.
3) Show Password feature would help for times when I am using the software but need to enter a password on a phone for example.
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For the most part I am finding Lockbox very useful. There is one functions that I have some issues with:

I was expecting at least a link that opens the document. The link that is presented just opens windows explorer documents folder with the file name in the file name field.

I don't, personally, file anything that matters in the windows designated libraries/folders etc. Would be nice to have the link with actual file path to open the document.


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Sorry forgot this one.

I have several applications that are grey and being a windows freak have many windows open at once. It would be nice to be able to select, at least, a background colour for Lockbox to distinquish it from, say, windows apps that tend to be grey also.

Just my 2c worth
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At the moment it seems to me that the manner of transferring one's username or password from LockBox to a browser form-entry box is as follows -
(a) one puts it into the clipboard by mouse selection or function key (F2 or F3);
(b) one pastes from the clipboard to the browser form-entry box.

Those methods work splendidly, but I think it would be brilliant if it were also possible to achieve it in one drag-and-drop move from LockBox to the browser form-entry box.

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I would like to be able to have one account appear in several different Categories. If I update the original (master) account, the changes get updated in the duplicates. I can see that I can create a duplicate account and move that duplicate to another Category but if I make any updates to the original they are not reflected in the duplicate.
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Now that **** has started to charge an annual subscription fee for its product, I'm looking for an alternative. I'd like to use LockBox, but the lack of iOS app makes me reluctant to do so.
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I Finally started using Lockbox for the first time. (Got distracted with the Responsive Design Pack and still a newborn to CoffeeCup Software). I noticed there is no feature, that I could find, to autofill the User Name and Password upon opening the website. Granted the F2 and F3 options work fine just got spoiled from using keepass for years with the autofill option.
If not I would like to see that option on the next update of course :)

I moved from the other software (still a windows 95 type interface) because I liked the new modern interface of Lockbox and the layout in General which is much easier to read and edit for me and the adding of additional data fields a plus..

Also I had purchased 2 licenses to put one on my laptop and one on my Main PC. Do I need to buy another copy to put on my windows pad? I had noticed no mobile support as of yet so the pad would compensate for the portability part of course.

Feature request:
* Autofill
* Mobile Support - Don't forget Windows Phone Too :D (would hate to go back to IPhone or Android been there done that)
* Theme changing option (Example to match window 10 Dark and Light Theme options) I love the Dark Themes which make text much easier to read on the interfaces/buttons/dropdowns. (I.E. Skype, Office 365, Edge, etc.). Skypes dark theme is an excellent example. If you haven't tried the Dark Theme options in Windows 10 then "Give yourself to the Dark Side" and find out :cool:
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If this suggestion is a reality, please excuse me and just point me in the right direction. I'd like to be able to choose the browser that Lockbox opens. I "dislike" Internet Explorer" to the extreme and would like to be able to choose another browser.
I really enjoy the new Lockbox and use it a LOT! :cool:
Thanks so much in advance.
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Wondering if there are any plans to integrate universal second factor (U2F) into Lockbox? It would be nice to have a second factor, in addition to the database password, as a protection against loss / theft of the database file. Thanks

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