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I have configured the 'additional browser 1' to open Ffx, that works. But the Editor used to be able to open my real default browser.
Ha en riktig god dag!
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I have Firefox as an additional browser.

Can not see why Editor still stick to IE as its default and not let the user change it ..... we should be able to decide, should we not?

Come on CC guys, put the icing on the cake.
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There is, of course, a distinction between the testing browser and the preview browser. I forget what the situation was in The HTML Editor version 15, but I find the following in version 16 -

Testing browser
(a) Tools > Test with Default Browser, short-cut key Ctrl+F9, uses the Internal Preview IE version chosen in Tools > Preferences > Browser Testing.
(b) The short-cut key Ctrl+F5 tests with the first Additional Browser chosen in Tools > Preferences > Browser Testing.
Since there is a short-cut key available for both (a) and (b), no change seems necessary.

Preview browser
I assume that the Internal Preview refers to the one shown in the Split-Screen Preview (F12) and the External Preview (F11), which works in the the same way as the Internal Preview. I guess there could be complication in trying to get the Preview browser to work like this if the user's choice of such browser were not considerably restricted.

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Just looked at this and it looks as though it works as follows:

Tools > Test with Default Browser and it uses IE.


Tools> Additional Browsers > Test with Favourite Browser then uses Chrome.

I have not changed any settings but I do use Chrome most of the time.

So it works just depends on what you select from Menu.


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