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Am wondering if "Open in Windows Explorer" and "Open With..." type options could be added to the right click menu of the Projects File List. I have found at least 5 times over the past few days that I need to get to the file in the folder itself. To do that right now I have to open my folders manually, usually right clicking the start button and hitting explore and navigating to the location of my files. I'm hoping that since windows has this feature, and even inside many of my programs (web building and otherwise) they include it, that it isn't something too difficult to add?

Just another convenience since sometimes other programs name things incorrectly. Windows Paint loves to use capital .JPG and I don't use any caps in names of files for sites so I always have to manually change it. Sometimes on the fly which your program won't allow me to do. (see possible bug info below). Sometimes I need to open the files in other programs such as graphics programs to edit the pics etc.

( maybe this is a bug? dunno lol).
I tried to rename a file today that had the caps. .JPG and it wouldn't let me, said that file already existed and so it couldn't rename it. I then went outside the program and manually did it but, it showed up both files on the list then instead of just one, showed the one I just saved as .jpg and also the same file as .JPG even though the .JPG file was no longer there. Of course like a silly thing I deleted it from the CC Project Files list and it deleted the actual file LOL. I went and put it back from my recycle bin and it was fine after that, but a lot of hassle just to change an extension I think lol. I think this situation may be a bug though.

Anyways, would be nice to be able to rename files within the file list in the Projects list instead of having to go outside of CCHE to do so. Also this would make opening those files in a viewer or graphic program much quicker too.

P.S. I'll post the situation above in the bugs area for CCHE in case they are bugs and so you don't have to address that part here. I just put it here to show why I'm asking. :)
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Just bought the SW - great stuff! Just a handful of suggestions...

1. Some sort of highlighting option which identifies matching tags when either hovering the mouse over the tag, or by double clicking the tag.
2. Outline/collapse code sections

I still have a lot to learn about the product - keep up the good work!
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Suggestions (convenience items):
#1 Retain Code Editor, Preview & Split Screen selections when switching between pages on the Status Bar Tabs.
Especially for newbies like me, I find I'm frequently bouncing back and forth between pages to see why something's working right on one page and not another. If I'm in split screen mode on one page and switch to another I'd like to stay in split screen mode. Or if I've selected the Preview tab on one page and switch to another I'd rather stay on the Preview tab.

#32 - Ideally I'd be able to view 2 pages side by side and either/or/both in split screen mode. I realize I can accomplish that by previewing one in a browser, opening the html with another editor then tiling and dragging around window sizes & positions until I can see what I want but that's cumbersome.

Thanks for listening.
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Did the "

When clicking on a start tag, let is highlight the corresponding end tag. Or even if you are working somewhere within say <table></table> those tags should be highlighted.

Make it in the new version of the software?
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Posted following a tech support query

Short of a complete un-install/reinstall, it appears there is no way to reinstate the default editor colour scheme following tweeking which can all-to-easily result in an unusable mish-mash of colours. I have an eye condition that pretty much demands I use a low-intensity background (preferably black). I have spent hours trying to get all the html/php/java/css options adjusted to my liking - and all to no avail because of inevitable clashes between a black background and many of the existing highlight colours. After a reinstall, I have finally opted for a 40% grey background and just tweeked a few of the comments colours to fit - not the best solution but better than the default for me.

Other free software (notably Notepad++) comes with many pre-defined colour schemes and it is a one-click job to change between them. IMHO it would be a valuable and easy (if time consuming) facility to add to the CC html editor too.
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Not sure if this has been said, but:

Custom keyboard shortcuts for inserting snippets
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In the Table Designer, please add the ability to add <thead>, <tbody> and <tfoot> features.
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I would like to see some sort of smart dependency uploads. If I change a little bit on a few pages, remembering which pages I changed could be tricky. It would be nice if CoffeeCup could have a small catalog of when the file was last changed and/or uploaded so I can upload only changed pages. (I think Quanta does that...)
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When I click on the tabs to go between the different files I'm working on, I would like the editor to remember if a file was last viewed in Code Editor mode or Preview mode, and display in that mode when clicked. ** NO LONGER NEEDED AS THE VISUAL EDITOR WAS REMOVED **

The reason is, I often experiment with minor changes to layout of a file (e.g. when making subtle variations to a background color) and I like to quickly shift between versions of the same file to compare the changes I've made,
I know I can do the same thing within a browser but this way I can stay in the Editor and it saves me a mouse click or two.

(It's only a minor point and others might prefer the way it is now).

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CC Editor's Find & Replace works extremely well - but sometimes I would like to find & replace within a small section of a file, not the entire file.

So is it possible to add a "Look in selected text only" option to the "Look in Current document / All open documents / Look in folder" option list?

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