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  • Bio: Was messing with electronics by about the age of nine, then as a teenager gravitated towards computers. In High School I dated the Z-80, all of TTL and anything with an LED on it (which was an impediment to losing my virginity). I went on to work in the electronics industry as an electronics technician, then quasi-enginering tech (no degree).

    Then one day, I was downstairs in the technicians lab talking to a co-worker about how I would rather be writing software when the chief electrical engineer overheard. This was a very small company that had no software department, but wanted one. The engineer offered me the job of creating it and that was the beginning of my software engineering career (still no degree, just some Jr. College courses in Computer Science, a night school class in C programming, and a ton of personal experience that included rubbing elbows with engineers in the industry for about a decade).

    So, it started with Pascal, went to C and Windows development (Windows 2), then Visual Studio C++ for Windows 3.1. Then from there I ventured into Unix, then Java, and finally PHP, Flash and web development.

    Now I own a company (one employee--me) and design microcontroller firmware and develop hardware as well as website development (PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash) with some video (Power Director), graphics (AI, Paint Shop Pro), Photography, and music as needed.

    Throughout all of that I've dabbled in cartooning and creative writing.

    BTW: My profile pic is of a mastodon skull, taken at a natural history museum in Nebraska. Kind of looks like a pre-historic Jimmy Durante, don't it?--not that I have any love for Jimmy Durante. I'm more of a Buster Keaton fan.

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