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Donald Bunn Jr wrote:
How about a way to change the search file types to include php files? having to add ' ;*.php ' each time I search is getting to be a real pain
IN reality, you already have that capability, when you get up to open window, down at the bottom you have File Name and below that Files of Type, click on the down arrow, one of the options is Server Files and that will include PHP, I maintain a web site written in PHP. The original developer thought everything, even static HTML pages had to wrapped in PHP so I understand where you are coming from.
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I think think that different parts of the HTML Editor are being considered here -
(a) the situation where one is wanting to use File > Open, regarding which Jerry correctly refers to the 'Files of type' drop-down list;
(b) the situation where one wishes to use the Edit > Find or Edit > Replace to search within a PHP file, regarding which the 'Files of type' drop-down list doesn't include PHP files, and to which I believe Donald is referring.

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It would be good to optionally save the libraries (lbi files) in the project folder so that they are only valid for the specific project.
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Would be cool if it supported emojis.
In my vision, you would be able to type in an emoji (or copy/paste) and the program would automatically convert it to the proper entity code.
For instance, you would type in the emoji for :) and it would convert to &#x1F642; <!-- Slightly Smiling Face -->
Know what I mean?
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Even better, I would like to see the addition of the CSS for grids or include a grid builder as part of the product!
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I'd like to see a feature that would link my website project to a GitHub or Bitbucket account to keep an off-site backup and for version control. Right now my work-around is to manually do this outside of the HTML Editor but would be nice to stay within the program's ecosystem.
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