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-- Macro like facility to automate editing...

-- reference to color by names ("blue") instead of #numbers ** DONE **

-- code cleaner should discard trailing </p> and not make a <p></p> out of it

-- an F4-like function to repeat previous tag entry... (beats having to scroll and click on the tag menu)

--search replace all should indicate if a change actually took place and how many changes were effected ** DONE **
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I am not sure how complicated this would be, but there is a feature on Web Expressions 3 that i love and wish that my CC html editor did the same thing. That is, Expressions gives you the ability to test your pages across multiple browsers at one time. So, when you click preview another screen comes up with a list of browsers and you can select two at a time and compare the site side by side. It is a really great feature.
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list of browsers and you can select two at a time and compare the site side by side

My screen is way too small to be able to see them properly side by side or any other way, but I like the idea of being able to open up all the browsers in one go instead of having to go back to the Editor each time to pick on a different browser...

Maybe just CTRL+something when I run down my list of browsers so that they all open up together on different tabs?

I would also like the Quick Link to Open Document and the Quick Link to Relative File to go under the Links icon instead of/as well as under the Insert option.
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I would like to see the option of more toolbars that are already setup that you can turn on and off so that you can actually have "every" toolbar button turned on if you so choose to. Right now I have all the toolbars turned on that are included and there are tons and tons of button features that are not on the window at all.

Why do I ask for such a thing? Well mostly because the program will not allow us to save a configuration that stays put from version to version. I'm telling you right now that with about 3 versions that I've changed over the past month or so (1 or 2 of them being betas also) I've had to redo my toolbars every single time except one time, and that was a fluke because it didn't install correctly so I ended up having to do it in the end anyways.

Toolbar setups are easy yes, but it's really frustrating to have to keep redoing it all the time. I love the versatility of being able to put my buttons anywhere I like, but in the end I would love to just be able to drag the entire toolbar somewhere rather than having to set up 2 or 3 new toolbars every version update.

Not only that, I am of the mind that since there are lots and lots of feature buttons, then toolbars should be default created for them all to start with. We can always customize to remove things we don't want, trust me that's a whole lot easier than having to go through all the categories to find the buttons you want to "add" to a toolbar. Removing them is simple.

Anyways, that's my rant lol, just want all the features available at a toolbar button checkbox click :)
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How about a Regular Expression search in the HTML Editor "Extended Find and Replace" tool -- that would be sweet!

If you include a help feature (or "cheat" pop-up, or something like that) that lists the flags and what they mean, that would be even sweeter!
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The Extended Find and Replace needs a "Search in selection block" feature. That way, I can limit a search &replace to a selected area.

Also, a "search from cursor" would be nice (and would have been a work-around for the missing search & replace within a selection block ;))
When we look at the things around us, we only see them as they were in the past. We really have no perception of reality, at all!
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I was doing an Extended Search & Replace and the "hit" was one line up from the bottom of the "viewport" [that portion of the total document that is visible to me (the User) -- it could also be called the "Scroll Port" as the scroll bar is what moves the document past the viewport]. Being at the bottom of the viewport, I couldn't see what was below the hit point. I also couldn't move the scroll bar and reveal more of what was below, because the Extended Find & Replace box was still open (and it's modal). This was a problem because I needed to see what was below in order to decide whether or not to do a replace at that point.

It would really help if, either the Extended Find & Replace dialog box didn't lock the scrollbar, or if a search hit was displayed in the middle of the viewport (except, maybe, when the hit occurs within one half of the height of the viewport from the top or bottom of the document).
When we look at the things around us, we only see them as they were in the past. We really have no perception of reality, at all!
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Copied here from a different forum:

Mikael Landberg wrote:
Hi! Here is my list:)
    Expand/shrikable stucture like in notepad++
    Ability to sort code snippets in folders
    Integrate stylesheetmaker in HTML Editor
Elese im very satisfied with HTML editor
/Thanks Mikael
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Highlight open and close tags

Like many web designers, I occasional get lost in all the editing, trial and error with nested code, so maybe when editing, everything between the start and end tag for that section could have a different background color.

Maybe could be included with collapsing sections that has been requested previously.

Example mock ups:
Volunteering to help :)
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I would like to have two buttons added to CSS Menu Designer, Move Up and Move Down which would allow a user to add a new root item or subitem and then move them up or down within the menu structure.

Also, the option to have the drop down (pop out) subitems on a vertical navigation to fall directly underneath the particular root item. Is there a way to accomplish this? I only ask because when the subitem pops out it obscures the content of the page, even after adjusting the width. I guess this really isn't all that big of a deal, I just don't care for it.

Thank you for listening....:cool:

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