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word counter
Daniel P.
the answer is 42
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I second the word counter, so long as it only counts default text and not code. Might be something that could somehow be in preview mode (not visual editor) only?
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Hi everyone! I've just bought HTML Editor after trialling it and being very impressed with the features and intuitiveness of the software itself and also by the active, friendly community here on the forums.

I made a few suggestions over on the Guests forum, but I thought I might summarise them here along with a number of other suggestions I've since thought of:

1. For css files, associate a html file of users' choice to be shown instead when the css file is previewed - this would be much more useful than the default html page currently shown. Perhaps this could be set at a project level? ie. a property of a website project that specifies which html file to show when previewing any css file within it. **DONE**

2. Make the live preview tab retain its scroll distance after refreshing - would really improve usability.

3. It would be cool if live preview could be in separate floating window - it could then be dragged onto second screen. **DONE**

4. When editing css files, after pressing ctrl+x, c, or v to do copy operations, autocomplete pops up. This is frustrating as I want to press arrow keys to move cursor to a paste location next, but now arrow keys are selecting from code-completion list and if i'm not careful I'll delete my highlighted text and insert something random from code-completion instead. I would suggest it would be better if code-completion did not trigger after pressing these hotkeys. On a related note, is there a hotkey to bring up the code completion on demand? This would be specifically useful to see attributes of a html tag if the cursor is inside one, or values for a css element (eg. font-size -> smaller, larger, etc).

5. Undockable/floatable Resource Browser tabs - so multiple can be viewed at once. I would probably keep code, snippets and my websites all open at once if this was possible.

6. It would be cool if Code Editor tab disappeared if preview and designer tabs are both disabled - since it's a solo tab it serves no purpose, if instead it was hidden and that tab area collapsed that would free up more screen space for the code view. ** Irrelevant as Visual tab is removed **

7. Spaces indented when tabbing in css files is unpredictable - anything from 1 character to 15. I get the impression it's supposed to be indenting attributes to line up with the right side of the selector, but I don't see why that is desirable and it doesn't seem to work out properly in any case. I would prefer if it was constant like in html files.
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Please allow website projects to be stored on a shared network drive. As it is now they must reside on the C:\ drive or it will fail to upload to the remote server with no error message.

Also, when using scp over ssh to upload the completed site to the remote server, CC fails to create any local subdirectories (/images, etc) on the remote server. We must manually switch over to the remote tab and create any subdirectories before we can upload. Pain in the butt for a big site with nested directories.

Thank you!
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With so many divs, many of them nested these days, would it be possible to color code or highlight the stat and finish of any div? So for example, click on the opening <div ID=" something"> will either highlight the closing </d> for that div or even color the background of the entire div to make it easier to find mt way around.

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This can be a useful feature. Especially when people do not indent code for better readability.
I think that it's a fantastic feature. Many editors don't have this feature. I only know of one that finds the closing tag. It would be nice if they all did this as it's helpful when code is noindenteded properly.
CoffeeCup... Yeah, they are the best!
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I recall this feature from previous programming in C++ (I think) where you could find the start or end brace of a function by clicking on the other but I've never seen it on an HTML editor so let's hope it can be done.
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Search & Replace :: Regular Expression within Selected Text options.

I also use Dreamweaver at work and when I need to do more complex search & replace functions (like noted above), I have to use Dreamweaver because the changes would take longer without the RegExp/selected text search/replace options.

If this was available/added, it would be phenomenal!
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I've been meaning to come on to this forum for months now but I'm too easily distracted :/

I love the HTML Editor and use it daily whilst Dreamweaver sits idly on my hard drive. However, there is one niggling thing about HTML Editor that does wind me up a little - the upload buttons (the little spanner) above the file list. I've lost count of how many times I've clicked 'Upload Entire Project' instead of 'Upload Selected Files' and then spent several minutes trying to cancel the upload. This usually results in either crashing the Editor or a lot of swearing...sometimes both.

Trying to be logical about the buttons, how many times do Web Authors upload an entire project in comparison to single files? Personally, I upload single files maybe hundreds of times a day whilst I very rarely upload an entire project - so why does the button for the entire project upload keep getting in my way? Could there not be a simple pop-up asking me to confirm if I want to upload the entire project or better still, the button moved away from where it can cause such nuisance?

This could be an isolated problem that is exasperated by me becoming middle-aged and less tolerant of pretty much everything in life; I'm not too sure. Do any other users click the wrong upload button? Are there thousands of unwanted bulk uploads happening daily that could be avoided? Will the folks at Coffee Cup Towers be slapping there heads in recognition of my analytical genius? Probably not.

Well, there's my significant input to help along the development of what is otherwise a fantastic bit of software. Fix the the bulk upload and I will be eternally grateful and <lie>a lot less grumpy</lie> ** DONE **

PS: I agree with James above - the highlighting needs the concentration levels of a Neurosurgeon.

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1. Add "Save Workspace" : save all open tags (pages) so that I can re open them in 1 click!

2. Save as charset: Save the document according to the DECLARED charset meta tag! (iso, utf-8, windows.. )

3. built in PHP compiler!


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