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Inger, Suzanne, thanks for the fast helpful response!
1. Yes, so far I used the Update Library function only with the library preview window open. I shall try to close it and will report in this thread what happened. (it may take a few days)
2. I noticed that when the library problem occurs, then unwanted fragments of code from open pages (like index.html) were copied into the library code. Does this info help?
3. I shall be pleased to try out the announced new build. If it solves the problem, then there would be no need to get a support ticket, right?

Please submit a support ticket so we can get needed screenshots, files, and other info from you. I have not been able to reproduce the problem yet so I think it has a lot to do with what files are open, preview on/off, possibly word wrap, and whether the *.lbi files were edited outside of the editor, etc. I've also identified a possible issue if you pasted code from the web into the library file (mismatched line endings), but haven't really reproduced that either. Thanks for helping track this down.
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many thanks for your help, even more so since you write that you are not CoffeeCup stuff !
I tried your suggestion to close Library preview window before updating. It seems to me that it works. It is difficult to say confidently, because the whole issue is not reproducible - it occurs in perhaps 5-10% of cases, and it is generally not the same code which is inserted.
In any case I finished a complete remake of my website and am working on it only rarely now - everything will take same time.
I shall take the ticket - but it may take some time, my work on the site being essentially finished.
- It will be difficult to reproduce the phenomenon - it is not reproducible.
- I have not edited the *.lbi files outside of the editor, but I copy-pasted much code from the w3schools webpages.
Overall, I am happy with CoffeeCup - it is very down-to-earth - and I like that. It is fast to learn even for a non-expert like me.
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Hi Michael,
Been too busy for some time, but I find your typo very funny! I might perhaps be regarded as 'CoffeeCup Stuff' by some people, but I'm not part of their Staff :lol:

Mike Dixon is still working on the HTML Editor, so if you, or anyone else, have more issues, or if your issues are solved, he will be happy to know.
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I started this thread back in 2018. Still having major issues with the library code becoming corrupted. All the "work arounds" are not acceptable and this has been an ongoing problem for years and not addressed in the software or from support. A software shouldn't have to have all this work around to get it to function properly. And I don't think I should have to pay for an upgrade to the software, just to find out whether or not this has been fixed. It should be fixed for the users who have had to deal with this ongoing problem for years!
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I, too, have been having this problem and have reported it...again this last week. She wants me to upgrade for $19. I told her why would I want to pay to upgrade to get a problem fixed that you've known about for 3 years? C'mon CC fix the darn library function!!!

Maybe time to move on to another editor. I would use one from CC but how can I trust that they don't have similar problems?
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People always complain about paying for updates but I truly think its the fairest way for both the customer and the developer. This happens across multiple software companies and its simple, if you want the added features and bug fixes get the update.

Can you imagine the chaos if a company was going to maintain all bug fixes across all versions ever sold of their software? yup just get the update or learn to live with your software in its current version.
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