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Inger, Suzanne, thanks for the fast helpful response!
1. Yes, so far I used the Update Library function only with the library preview window open. I shall try to close it and will report in this thread what happened. (it may take a few days)
2. I noticed that when the library problem occurs, then unwanted fragments of code from open pages (like index.html) were copied into the library code. Does this info help?
3. I shall be pleased to try out the announced new build. If it solves the problem, then there would be no need to get a support ticket, right?

Please submit a support ticket so we can get needed screenshots, files, and other info from you. I have not been able to reproduce the problem yet so I think it has a lot to do with what files are open, preview on/off, possibly word wrap, and whether the *.lbi files were edited outside of the editor, etc. I've also identified a possible issue if you pasted code from the web into the library file (mismatched line endings), but haven't really reproduced that either. Thanks for helping track this down.
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many thanks for your help, even more so since you write that you are not CoffeeCup stuff !
I tried your suggestion to close Library preview window before updating. It seems to me that it works. It is difficult to say confidently, because the whole issue is not reproducible - it occurs in perhaps 5-10% of cases, and it is generally not the same code which is inserted.
In any case I finished a complete remake of my website and am working on it only rarely now - everything will take same time.
I shall take the ticket - but it may take some time, my work on the site being essentially finished.
- It will be difficult to reproduce the phenomenon - it is not reproducible.
- I have not edited the *.lbi files outside of the editor, but I copy-pasted much code from the w3schools webpages.
Overall, I am happy with CoffeeCup - it is very down-to-earth - and I like that. It is fast to learn even for a non-expert like me.

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