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I installed new version on a new computer; opened my website; no library items present, no custom snippets. Why do these not come in when the site is opened. Had to import the library items from a backup of the "Library" folder from other computer and other version of editor. Now I have to recreate or copy from other computer all the custom snippets! That's not making me happy!
Also, a friend did the same thing, except when she imported her library items they won't update the pages correctly. It shows an error and the path to the library is all messed up. And on one of the items, the imported lbi file recreated an entire page of code within the lbi file!!! This has happened before and REALLY F*#!@% EVERYTHING UP.
Any comments or help as to why this happens. Also, I found that the Library folder is separate from the site folder and if I hadn't found that by accident, I would never have known where to find the library items. I assumed (silly me) that they are contained within the site document, but they are not, as is evident by the fact that they don't transfer with the site to the new computer.
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Linda, your questions should better be raised with the CC technichians, this is a user-to-user forum. Submit a support ticket and let them answer you.

To me it seems logical that there are no snippets or library items contained in the programme itself, when first installed on a new machine, but I also would have thought that as soon as you open the project file of your website, they should be included.
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From experience, you have to add them back in.
Easy if you know where they are stored but can be a problem if you do not.
You have to work out what you added after initial install.
I now always back these details up as you will now.
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Anyone else having problems with library items not working properly? When I insert into a page it duplicates a lot of code that was already on the page. Don't tell me to enter a support ticket...they say I'm doing something wrong, which I'm not has I have been using it fine for 4 years.

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I copied your other post in here and will delete the other thread, so that you don't have to look for answers in two places.
Christy Stevens wrote:
Lately when I insert a Library file into my html it total goes berserk and I get all kinds of repeated code that I already had in the page. For example, I made a change to footer library file and when I inserted it into the page I was working on, the header and several lines of text showed up three times in a row in my code. The Library files have become a total mess. What's up? I've reinstalled Editor and still doing it. I know what I'm doing so it's not me...this become a recent problem. Anyone else having trouble with inserting the Library files?

Please don't tell me to open a ticket.

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