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Hi CoffeeCuppers,

I've got a toggle button that works on desktop browsers and non-Iphone type phones, however on Iphone/IOS the button does nothing.

Anyone have this issue... or even better, a solution?

Here is a link to the site I'm working on:

Here is a link to download my FF file from google drive: … sp=sharing

The toggle button in question is in the upper right corner (on small screen sizes) and it brings in a menu from the left.

Any help or insight is appreciated.

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Hey Jason,

It appears to be an issue with Foundation itself. There is a workaround that you can use and it is explained here
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Adam, thanks for the help and the article.

After some trial and error I have got it working. I'm learning Foundation and Javascript as I go on this project - and also figuring out how it translates when building it via FF.

For any other novices like myself, here is what I did to fix the data-toggle button for iOS / iPhone:

Copy the following script into the footer of each page using the Settings tab in FF:


Note that 'span.glyph.font-icon-1' is the name of my toggle button. You can replace this with your own by selecting your toggle button and viewing it in the Inspector tab in FF. When selected, look down in the CSS box at the bottom of the Inspector tab, highlight the first line of code in the CSS box - minus the left curly bracket { - and copy it. Then paste that line in the script code where the name of the toggle button should go.

<script>$('Name of Your Toggle Button Here').on('click',function(){});</script>

If anyone comes up with a better solution or knows a better method of implementing this through FF please comment and let us all know.

Thanks and I hope this helps anyone else having trouble with their data-toggle in iOS.

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