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Good Day From Sunny Bali

This has just started happening after updating to latest version.

I have a project sort of half done, as is my way of doing things, I went back to change some of the styles for elements (this time it was change font colour and shadow for a "heading 2" element.

when I came out of text edit mode, the design pane thingy on the left was greyed out, and all of the breakpoints also. I couldn't even do a save as. I had to close the project and re-open it. which strangely enough had the changes already saved'. I noticed before i actually came out of the text edit mode, that a message appeared in the bottom lfet corner of the screen "auto saving" now my eyes aren't what they used to be so maybe I missed that before, but I don't think I have seen that auto saving message before,

This occurrence has happened once before but only since re-loading the latest update. Would be nice to know if it is happening to others so I know it isn't just me,

Have a great day wherever you all are in the World
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I haven't noticed the auto save thing before but I wasn't looking for anything like that. I'll check tomorrow and see if mine does that also.

I did have the grayed out panel a couple of times but nothing like that lately. That must happen under really specific circumstances.
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Automatic saving was added to FF in Build 102. … post263572
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