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EZorb wrote:
Wayan Jaya wrote:
here is the link to the demo

Hi Wayan,
We don't have Dengue Fever around Midland so I had to read up on it. Must be due to lack of rain here. From what I read she should be about over it at least I hope so.
The revel window is what I want to use not the full. Are you using the FF component modal window? If so I understand how it works with an image. I do not understand how to get it to pull in an html file. So if you could send me by email what to delete, change, or add-to to make it work as you have it in your demo video that would be great.
All menu TAB's will be gone. There are only 2-3 of the html's that I will use tabs on for now, too hard to change for what it is worth right now. My goal now is to get site up responsive so Google won't be so made at me. Use to be in top 3 and now maybe top 20.
I really appreciate your help and you take care of your wife. I have plenty to do to keep me busy for a while.

Will Do today

ut it's not bringing in an HTML file it's simply copy & paste into a paragraph
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Inger wrote:
Larry, if I may chime in with some suggestions for the site you have made in RFF. It still looks like an 'old' site design-wise. To change that, you may want to:

1. Add some 'white space' (margins mainly) between the rows and around the items.
2. Change the colour scheme to something more 'medical', i.e. light, clean and clear colours.
3. If you have a logo, or a 'head picture', use it to make a heading for your site.
4. Come off those tabs alltogether. Create a nice navigation in RFF that collapses on small screens and spreads out on large ones.
5. Make sure that the height of your pages fills the viewport on large screens. Use a footer.
6. Wayan's suggested accordion for the testimonials is good.
7. The FAQ page needs more line height for the text, and a light background colour.

Sorry if this seems a lot. It's your site, and your decisions. I have a site myself where I need to implement most of the same things to change the look from the previous millennium to this one. ;)

Hi Inger,
Thank you for the suggestions. You and Wayan have convince me to slow down and do it right. For starters No TABS.
I am now going to have a landing page to take the place of menu tabs. Top of page have a large scenic area with my two products slide into view.
Below slider area:
Have large picture links (some right some left) with brief description at the side taking place of menu tabs.
That gets 1st problem solved. Now need help in what you mean on some of your suggestions above.
Question on your suggestions.
1.0 I don't understand what you mean adding white space and the location.
2.0 Yes this is something I have been thinking about a long time. Would you give me your suggestion on the store page? When I think of medical I get blaw white
3.0 That will go where the menu tab area is now.
4.0 Thinking of using a close button (go back button) which will send user back to landing page, no tabs
5.0 Understand on height, I did intend to have a footer, didn't know what to put in it.
6.0 OK will keep the accordion on testimonials. Do plan to clean it up.
7.0 What do you mean by need more line height for text. I assume you are referring to the question not the answer page that will be pulled in after you click on the question button.
If you will give me a few color (colour) schemes for suggestion 2 I will carry that throughout the site pages.

Since Wayan is dealing with sick wife do you know how to use the RFF component modal window to get it to pull in html files instead of pictures. Back to your Dec 27 post the scripts for the modal window in not much. I made them using Likno modal window software the problem is the modal window itself is static and all my html pages now are RFF. The page data is in one of Likno's JS files. I think they are or were located in Greece may be out of business. I cannot get a reply from them.
Thank you for all your help and I am anxiously waiting for your reply,
Larry Penny
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Check Your e-mail please
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