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Have found the reason
It's in the attributes VALUE part of the dropdown button, for some reason when you add a second button from the components section it put's the id of the first dropdown button etc etc

Thank you Mansour for sharing, it helped put me onto the right track.

Think this could be a bug report coming up, either that or take the "Toggle Dropdown from the component choices.

Have a great day everyone wherever in the world you are

Thanks again

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Mansour ... wrote:
Ernie Hodge wrote:
I can't find the Attributes = data-dropdown. It's not in the list anywhere. Or, am I looking in the wrong place?

Experimenting Dropdown Toggle with Coffeecup's Foundation Framer


Found it and thanks again.
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I have been struggling with Foundation Framer for a month or so now, but have started reading more about Foundation 6. I used this tutorial by Mansour this morning, and it worked very well!

It took far too much time, however, but not because his instructions were unclear. I lost at least an hour when Foundation Framer crashed and I had to do some things a second time. I'm wondering if autosave is working consistently? I see it autosaving sometimes, but is it doing it all the time?

I followed several of Manour's tutorials where he references the Zurb Foundation site, and those are also very clear.

I share Mansour's frustration with the difficulty of doing copy/paste or cut/paste quickly and accurately. Selections are not good either. I have several times selected something for deletion, only to delete something else.

The software is buggy still.

Thank you Mansour - could you do one about a sticky "back to the top" arrow?

George Charpentier
Saskatoon, Canada

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