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Hi, I'm using DFTP almost daily without problems The only thing I could think of suggesting would be first close DFTP, then go into the the 'roaming' folder (c:\\users\your username\app_data\roaming and find the file SharedSettings.ccs. Delete that file, then try to start up DFTP again. If it works, it may be something wrong with the settings. If you go back into the roaming folder, you will see that a new SharedSettings file has been generated.

Mind you, when deleting the SharedSettings file you will lose any server settings you may have. If I have trouble, I sometimes just remove it (drag it to the desktop), so that I can put it back when everything is ok.

If this doesn't help, you'd better contact the CC support.
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Try right clicking the icon then select properties, then see if you can make any changes that help under the Compatibility tab. Such as run this program in comparability mode for windows 10, and tick the box.
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There is no compatibility for Win 10 . latest is Win8 and I use that - no avail .. Thank you Inger, I will try that to see if it fixes my problem. I love DFTP - do most of coding and editing right on site.
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Nothing for the shared Inger. Very baffling. Filezilla works fine but I am spoiled with DFTP and just wanting it to work. Thanks all for the suggestions.
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It might be worth checking that security software (antivirus etc.) isn't shutting DFTP down. Most such software regularly updates, and may need resetting to allow DFTP to run.


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