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I am using very old versions of the Coffee Cup apps: Visual Site Designer v7.0 build 26 and Web Form Builder v8.3 build 2.03. We have recently started having problems with forms created in the old Web Form Builder because browser support for Flash objects is being disabled in many popular browsers (including Google Chrome).
What can I do?? Is there any relatively easy way to recreate the forms in a format that doesn't use Flash? Will the new forms work with my old Visual Site Designer?
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Hi Dave,

I would purchase this

I use it all the time works slick on all browsers.
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The new form builder will work in VSD. But it won't be responsive, because VSD isn't responsive. In other words, both the form and the site will be hard to read on mobile devices. If I were you, I would move into the modern world, ditching VSD and go for RSD instead. If you are having problems, we are here to help, just yell! ;)
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One option for a responsive form with a VSD site is to not embed it in your page and supply a link directly to your forms html page. Another option would be to make a page that is responsive with the html editor and paste the code provided by the form builder then add that to your site and link to that on your VSD page.
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