What has happened to Website Color...

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Has Website Color Schemer been discontinued?

It is no longer listed in my list of purchased software (even though other discontinued products are listed there).

What has happened to Website Color Schemer?
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Website Color Schemer is listed under the heading Discontinued Applications at the foot of this page .

The newish Color Palette Manager is far easier to use in my opinion, though I'm hopeful that the suggestion for that program to include the ability to label palette colours will be added soon.

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I also tried to find Color Schemer in my purchases, but without success. Where do I find it? Cannot see download.
What's Color Palette Manager? It doesn't exist either
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There is a description of Color Palette Manager here. It seems now integrated with at least Site Designer, though my purchased copy still has a download link in My Purchases.

Website Color Schemer no longer appears for me in My Purchases, but it (or a version of it) does still seem integrated in The HTML Editor. If you originally bought the program and want to use it, but failed to keep the installation file, it might be worth asking the CoffeeCup team in Your Support Room.

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Color Schemer is a program that I used all the time, I loved that I could save my color theme, upload pictures and pick colors for it. I wish they bring back the software. I had it for years, I just got a new computer and came to download it, but it is gone now. PLEASE return it for us to download. I liked that it was independent software and I could use it for more than just web design.


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Hi Kim, such a long time since you were here!

The old programs have kind of been built into other programs. The color Schemer is now, in a simplified version, part of the HTML Editor, and then there is the Color palette manager, which has been built into Site Designer. They are not stand-alone apps any more. If you approach the CC support, you may be lucky...
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