CoffeeCup Customer Stories

  • Ray M.

    “CoffeeCup Rocks! The HTML editor that was released this morning ... I'm speechless. You guys made the best editor on the market even better!”
    Ray M.

  • Donna S.

    “OK you are a genius! Microsoft Fix-it center is very cool and their support didn't suggest it... Go figure, I guess I now have my answer about who cares! It's Coffee Cup! Thanks for all your help, your the best!”
    Donna S.

  • Arthur W.

    “S-Drive is an excellent innovation and an extraordinary offering. My online support of CoffeeCup and CoffeeCup software usually ends in, "Second to none..." S-Drive is refreshing and new; S-Drive is simple and robust. I cannot say, "Second to none..." in this instance, since there is no comparison online. I am satisfied with my purchase.”
    Arthur W.

  • Kay J.

    “Just had to sent a big Thanks to everyone at CoffeeCup Software. I have used FreewayPro and the PS plugin SiteGrinder but just recently wanted to try your Visual Site Designer. Once I got used to how things worked, I fell in love with the program! Such ease and no issues with many things I have struggled with in the past with other programs. I just finished my site (in two days!!) and will soon have another site completed as well. The time saved is amazing. Thanks for all of the other programs, especially the menu builder and form builder. I just can't say enough!”
    Kay J.

  • Patricia F.

    “I've used CoffeeCup products since 1998. I found them after I purchased the now-defunct HotDog HTML editor back in '98 to do some web work for my sister and had nothing but frustrations with the product. CoffeeCup's HTML Editor allowed me to edit multiple pages at once for my sister's website. While I am no novice, the editor allowed me to quickly add things and make changes, reducing the time I had with the horrible editor from 10-12 hours to between 4 and 5 hours. I fell in love after my first use, and as always, CoffeeCup allowed you to determine the worth of the product with a free trial. HotDog didn't, and it cost $99 for the privilege as opposed to CoffeeCup's $19 price tag. I now own most of software product you've created and you have a permanent and happy customer.”
    Patricia F.

  • Jacque E.

    “I started playing around and learning how to design stuff for the web in 1988. I had no clue what I was doing. Coffee Cup made my life EASY !!! I've been with CoffeeCup since 2001 and they are just getting better and better each year. If you are like me, always misplacing disks when you need to re-install a program because you reformatted your hard drives over and over, or bought a new system. CoffeeCup makes it EASY .. you always have your programs a click away to re-download as many times and as often as you please. PLUS, if there is an upgrade - guess what?! NO additional charge for UPGRADES How sweet is that. That is why, well one of the reasons, I always come to Coffee Cup for any of my needs. Keep up the GREAT work !! You have me for life.”
    Jacque E.

  • Jesse L.

    “CoffeeCup continues to impress me in every way. I’ve worked heavily in Internet technology for 14 years, and Visual Site Designer is perhaps the most genius piece of software I have ever come across.”
    Jesse L.

  • Jason W.

    “Hahaha… man that reply was toooo fast!! I wasn’t expecting that, specially since it’s 1.30am your time?? Nice work though Scott, as I’ve said it before, there’s no better support service than CoffeeCup.”
    Jason W.

  • Stewart J.

    “CoffeeCup HTML Editor can do that too! I kept saying that when someone was showing me what Dreamweaver can do. It just amazes me that people can choose CoffeeCup and save $$$, and be just as productive.”
    Stewart J.

  • Theresa S.

    “Your Web Form Builder is the best. I have updated our contact form (In about 2 minutes). You’ve saved me two days of head bashing. The best $$s we’ve ever spent. I’ll let all my web geeks know about your products. A1 guys, thank you.”
    Theresa S.

  • Donna M.

    “Have to tell you, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your software. Can’t count the number of times I’ve recommended it to others — for the quality, regardless of price, but at that price, it’s a no brainer!”
    Donna M.

  • Veritascredit V.

    “I’ve dealt with a lot of companies and CoffeeCup’s support is by far the best in terms of responsiveness and willingness to find a solution.”
    Veritascredit V.

  • Todd E.

    “I love your software and without it, my law firm would have maybe 2 lawyers, not 16.”
    Todd E.

  • Benjamin S.

    “Just wanted to say I love your software! I major in web design, and your Form Builder and Editor help A LOT. I started using Dreamweaver and wanted to smash my Mac to pieces, but your software brought the love back. THANK YOU!”
    Benjamin S.

  • David W.

    “I used your web forms and S-Drive and the experience was borderline geek p*rn. Every bit of information I need to get was done, and downloading the results into Excel allowed me to massage the data for the information I needed.”
    David W.

  • Dani B.

    “Your support staff has been amazing today! I’m cancelling my hosting with a competitor and I’m using you. I didn’t even check the price — and who cares, because your service ROCKS! Thanks again! Your newest fan…”
    Dani B.

  • Ian H.

    “Have worked on and off in the IT industry for over 25 years, just got to say hats off to the guys at CoffeeCup. Simple, useful and usable products with superb after sales service, not many companies fit that criteria... many others are bloatware etc. trying to be all things to all men. If you want to drive a nail use a hammer... not a Swiss army knife. Well done CoffeeCup, for consistently producing the good stuff.”
    Ian H.

  • Michael D.

    “Bike Mike here, and I love to pass the torch to CoffeeCup. The folks at CoffeeCup are awesome!”
    Michael D.

  • Athena M.

    “Great software, easy to use, and it just keeps getting better. (And the book's really nice, too!)”
    Athena M.

  • Kim B.

    “Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your FTP software. It works great and is very easy to use. I really appreciate everything CoffeeCup Software did to help the Hurricane Katrina victims; I have tried to tell everyone to use you guys for sending their donations to. You are the greatest, and I am glad that I use your products.”
    Kim B.

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