CoffeeCup Customer Stories

  • Bert B.

    “I use CoffeeCup HTML Editor for all my development actions and found no need to use any other HTML tool. Just because of the great tools CoffeeCup offers to any kind of Web builder/developer, I spent less time for better Websites.”
    Bert B.

  • Terry C.

    “I retired as a computer programmer in the mid-'90s. However, I continued to do some personal programming now and then. Soon, I was interested in doing some Web programming - or, as I discovered, it was more like Web designing. I was looking for a free HTML editor and found one by CoffeeCup Software. It was mainly object-oriented, and although it produced some nice Webpages very quickly, I was not satisfied with some of the limitations. So, I looked at several HTML editors. In so doing, I was wondering what in the world I was getting myself into, as I did not know anything about HTML code. This is what drew me to CoffeeCup's HTML Editor. Not only did I like the freebie I was using, but I also liked how easy it was going to be for a novice such as myself to use their professional editor. I do have to say that CoffeeCup's HTML Editor helped me immensely in learning how to use HTML tags. I then acquired CoffeeCup Direct FTP. Although I could use the HTML Editor to upload my code, I was impressed with the ability to be able to actually edit my code online. That has saved me a lot of time. My next purchase was CoffeeCup Firestarter. Although there might be some limitations, I have found it to be extensive enough to allow me to create three Flash movies in a very short period of time without ever needing to learn the code. CoffeeCup's Visual Site Designer was next, and this, too, has proven very worthwhile for me, as I have used it on a number of occasions when I needed to do something quickly. One thing I really liked was when the CoffeeCup team incorporated a visual design capability within their HTML Editor. This has been a time saver for me as well, although I still use the editor mostly for making Webpages from scratch. I have not needed CoffeeCup's support very often; however, when I do need them, they are always there and quick to reply to my needs. That, of course, is really appreciated when you are working with online content. Their promotions are always great, and working with them is always a pleasure and never frustrating. In fact, I had suggested (I am sure I was not the only one) that they provide an easy way to work with PHP code as well. They informed me that it was a good idea and that they would include it in a next major upgrade. It took a few months but one of their major upgrades included PHP help. They listen.”
    Terry C.

  • Gerard S.

    “I really love your software. It's so much more user-friendly than other HTML editors I have used.”
    Gerard S.

  • Patricia J.

    “Yesterday, while composing a new page for my Website, I was just thinking how glad I was to have purchased your CoffeeCup HTML Editor.”
    Patricia J.

  • John L.

    “Well, you've opened a can of worms. I am a very loyal man, and when I have something to say, it sometimes takes a while. I retired from the music business in 1990 (mostly cover and blues bands). Over the years I had written some music, but never did anything with it. In 2000, a friend suggested I record them and put them up on the Internet at a popular MP3 site and see what happened. So, I bought a computer and learned how to reasonably operate it. Well, the music did pretty well, so it was then suggested I get my own Website. I didn't have a clue. I searched the Web and sent some e-mails, and these people wanted $1000 to $2000 to create and maintain a Website. I searched again and found some free, do-it-yourself sites, but they were limited. I read some articles about HTML and editors, so I searched and one of the first that came up was CoffeeCup. They had a free editor for download, so I tried it. It was so easy for me, being a full-blown novice, I was up and running in no time. I searched some more to find out how some of the more elaborate things were done, like Flash and banners, and realized I needed a more upgraded editor. I purchased CoffeeCup's HTML Editor, and I was dazzled! The features were so easy to use, I just couldn't believe it. I then purchased Flash Firestarter, and I was on a roll. Every time they are upgraded, I get an e-mail notification and a URL where I can download the latest version of registered programs for life. Case in point: The HTML Editor and Firestarter were purchased some time apart and with different personal information. In 2003 my computer crashed, and I lost everything. Once I was up and running again, I went to CoffeeCup's site, but the only program available for download was the HTML Editor - Firestarter wasn't. I called CoffeeCup, and the lady was so nice and very helpful. Within minutes, she was able to determine that Firestarter was purchased under a different e-mail address and a different account. I hung up and went back to the site, and there it was. I've created Websites for some friends who have side businesses, and I use CoffeeCup for all of it. My favorite site is Hogan Entertainment. I use Firestarter and much more. I even upload the pages, Flash, and the pictures all from the editor. I love it, and I thank you for creating it.”
    John L.

  • Estperfumes L.

    “I have Google SiteMapper, and it is awesome! In three clicks I have a sitemap I am proud of - and I am fussy! After making a dozen sitemaps, they are so quick to produce that I think nothing of my desire for the next version... Refreshing existing site maps.”
    Estperfumes L.

  • Harry S.

    “I am a CoffeeCup user and have been for a number of years. I am quite satisfied with my CoffeeCup! If you're not brewin' with CoffeeCup, then you must be using the decaf brand. This is java supreme! Thanks for the great software you provide!”
    Harry S.

  • Jovonne G.

    “I use Direct FTP at least three times a day to update client files and store files on off-site servers. I use the software because it is accurate and efficient, and since most of my time is spent in programming, consultations, and selling to new clients, it is great to have such useful tools. I highly recommend this software.”
    Jovonne G.

  • Reina G.

    “I have made several Websites and used CoffeeCup software for many years. It's easy to use, and I appreciate the service of CoffeeCup.”
    Reina G.

  • NEIL P.

    “I spent a few hours playing around with CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer, and found the building of my site straightforward. I have since bought several other CoffeeCup programs to use when I learn a bit more about HTML. I've bought the book My Website is Better than Yours, and I am working on my code. A lot of people ask who designed my Website - that's a great feeling.”
    NEIL P.

  • John F.

    “I have used your software to produce two Websites in the past three months.”
    John F.

  • Howard H.

    “CoffeeCup HTML Editor made building my site easy. I like the ability to see the code and edit it directly. Great software for the not-so-talented Web editor like me.”
    Howard H.

  • Kim B.

    “Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your FTP software. It works great and is very easy to use. I really appreciate everything CoffeeCup Software did to help the Hurricane Katrina victims; I have tried to tell everyone to use you guys for sending their donations to. You are the greatest, and I am glad that I use your products.”
    Kim B.

  • Athena M.

    “Great software, easy to use, and it just keeps getting better. (And the book's really nice, too!)”
    Athena M.

  • Michael D.

    “Bike Mike here, and I love to pass the torch to CoffeeCup. The folks at CoffeeCup are awesome!”
    Michael D.

  • Ian H.

    “Have worked on and off in the IT industry for over 25 years, just got to say hats off to the guys at CoffeeCup. Simple, useful and usable products with superb after sales service, not many companies fit that criteria... many others are bloatware etc. trying to be all things to all men. If you want to drive a nail use a hammer... not a Swiss army knife. Well done CoffeeCup, for consistently producing the good stuff.”
    Ian H.

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