CoffeeCup Customer Stories

  • Liz A.

    “I have to say that the Web Editor has been awesome to use. I'm practicing web development and designing and the snippets, tags, and everything else are really helpful.”
    Liz A.

  • Jeremy H.

    “ For the first time in over 12 years of web design, I finally enjoy working on forms. (Of course, that's 100% thanks to Web Form Builder.) :-) Thank you!”
    Jeremy H.

  • Broadway C.

    “This Web Form Builder is probably one of the best software programs that you've come up with. I was hesitant at first in dealing with the Lite version, but WOW this is the best. I am really looking forward to additional upgrades and the many possibilities that this software offers.”
    Broadway C.

  • Dawn M.

    “CoffeeCup is ace! The software is really great but it's the quality of support that has CC doing cartwheels over the heads of every other company I've ever dealt with.”
    Dawn M.

  • Robert B.

    “I've tried several other form solutions but none of them come close to the feature rich and easy to use Coffee Cup software that is 'Web Form Builder'. Couldn't live without it!”
    Robert B.

  • Mitchell B.

    “The new interface is awesome, the new features are awesome, getting away from Flash is awesome... to sum it up... the new Web Form Builder is AWESOME!!!... And it seems to only get more AWESOMER!!!”
    Mitchell B.

  • Brandon S.

    “The Web Form Builder is a fantastic and truly easy program!”
    Brandon S.

  • Frank G.

    “I have been using Web Form Builder for years as it makes designing forms for web sites a snap.”
    Frank G.

  • Duane K.

    “Form Builder is already a great product - but the new enhancements take it to a new and exciting level!”
    Duane K.

  • Christine C.

    “Flash version of the Web Form Builder was good - but the newest HTML-based release is phenomenal! Having conditional elements will be amazing. Very easy to use and the results are smooth and professional.”
    Christine C.


    “The Web Form Builder is a terrific application! Cuts design time to nothing!”

  • Douglas H.

    “Web Form Builder launched my websites to a level envied by the peers in my industry!”
    Douglas H.

  • Paul B.

    “The Web Form Builder is a very neat system. Actually, it has to be the best around. Clean, straightforward interface, flexible, and easily editable HTML response emails. It does exactly what it says on the box. I think this is one of your best products, along with the Coffee-Cup HTML editor.”
    Paul B.

  • Frank Joseph O.

    “I love the Web Form Builder! It is easy and powerfull. Thank you!”
    Frank Joseph O.

  • Harris H.

    “Web Form Builder is the only tool I need for building forms, interacting with customers, and being one bada$$ developer for my clients.”
    Harris H.

  • Eric R.

    “Your new conditionals are freakin awesome. I started adjusting my inventory form based on the new features and you making the conditionals working on all elements is great. It's like having condition form styling. Hats off to your staff for thinking outside the box and taking a non standard approach to app building.”
    Eric R.

  • John J.

    “Everything I have purchased from CoffeeCup has been wonderful. Thank you for make high quality programs at affordable prices for us little guys. You make us look good.”
    John J.

  • Sean P.

    “I finally had a chance to try out the OSX version of Web Editor and HOLY COW IT IS AMAZING!!!! I really like how you have the primary edit with the preview up top and the side panel for CSS. I quickly discovered how to tweak the layout panels when I want to do a bit of Ruby editing in CoffeeCup as well (just starting to learn). The UI is very intuitive, having the command prompt is a huge help and everything is just and crisp (er forgive me, freshly brewed) as I need to do various HTML edits or scripting changes for my projects.”
    Sean P.

  • Richard S.

    “I love Form Builder! It is sooooo much better than the "old" version which I had used. I fought switching but i glad i did.”
    Richard S.

  • Rod A.

    “Coffeecup will always be a part of my web design experience, and will never forget the folks here that helped me along the way.”
    Rod A.

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