Responsive Content Slider has all the right moves!

Wowie! Ever since the pre-release of this slideshow app dropped onto the scene, it has made a huge impression among the web community. Here’s a taste of the kudos that have flooded in...

I applaud CC for adding the responsive slider to the responsive suite of programs.
— Steve Ravner
Just had a quick play with the new product - gee it is great!
— Peter Hyde

I’m looking forward to making more use out of it than just an image slider... so much can be done!
— Steve Kolish

Just got the responsive slider. Incredible! Awesome!
— John W Henriksen

Lovely Application
— Mansour
Many, many thanks for the great slider producer.
— Karen Weilert

I’m really liking RCS, especially since it has the same feel/interface as RSD, which makes transitioning between the two much, much smoother.
— Jacob Moore

CC knocks my socks off again by allowing their content slider to be used independently with other software code.
— Izzi
Check out the cool video presentation introducing you to the powers RCS harnesses: