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You're welcome! :)
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Hi CC & CC fans!

I am a long-time Dreamweaver user and waited to see if CS5 would bring enough changes for me to stay with it and it didn't... I am interested in CC and wonder what tools/capabilities CC offers for conversion to CC from DW with regards to templates, mark up etc?

I have quite a few websites in my portfolio so I can't allow for any rebuilding.

If it helps to check source code/structure, here are a few sites that I am talking about: http://www.nbrandt.comm, http://www.signaturefinder.com, http://www.camping-les-fontaines.com, http://www.thefarmhouse.co.uk.

What is it that I am dissapointed in with DW? Mainly poor CSS-based design abilities, these days I use EditPad most of the time and alt-tab to DW to insert html code now and then. In my opinion it seems like DW never made a clean transition from table to CSS design...

I have used DW for 10 years so please don't take this as me talking badly about the product, I am just shopping around to see if there are solutions that suits my way of working better and it is certain DW is an awesome product for most web developers ;)

Thank you,

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Hiya nBrandt and welcome to CC forums,

You can very easily take a look at what is and isn't possible where Dreamweaver transferring is concerned by just giving the trial version a spin. It's fully loaded and I believe you have it for 30 days (not sure if the length has changed as some programs are shorter time periods and I haven't looked at that stuff for a while lol).

Other than this I can very honestly say, coming from Dreamweaver myself (not quite as intensely as many were on it though) that HTML Editor will do what you need. It's an HTML Editor, that means that anything you have that is code will work.....

I don't know about Dreamweaver templates, I never used them, so I don't know if they are specially coded files with special extensions or if they are straight HTML or what they are so unfortunately I can't answer that question. CoffeeCup's themes for their site that are sold on their webstore come in with an extension of .cct when you first get them, but are then imported via the program itself. They are also extractable using a zip type program like winzip or winrar by just changing the extension from .cct to .zip so they are usable with any program as all the files are then inside the zip file. I don't know how Dreamweaver does theirs, but if they have special extensions, try making a copy of one and then test the renaming of the extension on it and see if that works or not.

Other than that, there are only a few things that you will not have from Dreamweaver in the HTML Editor, and most are very minor. It does CSS very well and includes an entire code section for it for reference and for insertion to the document, as well as tables setups for those that use them in certain cases, and a nice CSS menu maker (not full blown graphical editor, but definitely gets you started).

Give the trial version a shot and see if it will do what you need and how it compares to DW. For the cost of the program you can't go wrong with it, CC has a top notch team of builders that actually listen to their customers first hand right here on the forums and in emails. Don't see that in a lot of the big companies so that's a major plus. And of course the support here by the users on the forums is the best I've seen too. Check the trial and let us know how it works for you. Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as many of us that use it are :)
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Jo Ann, thank you for the .cct (template information), that is really helpful and I will try to see if I can fit in a few hours to test CC this weekend ;)
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You're quite welcome, have fun with the testing and let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. :)
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My sister and I are looking into starting a small, on-line business selling a single product. Your E-Commerce pack looks interesting. It seems to be composed of a few different products. Is there one I can use as a trial to see if it will work for us? What's the difference between Shopping Cart Designer and Shopping Cart Creator?

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You can download each program individually and test it fully functional for 30 days, free of charge.

A shopping cart may be overkill for a single product but may offer some nice features you are interested in, as well as having the ability to expand the product line in the future.
CoffeeCup... Yeah, they are the best!
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you can download a free trial version of all Cofeecup programs

Try the basic first, the main difference with pro is if you need subcategories and stock control which i am guessing you will not need

Give both a try though, any questions and one of us will answer for you as you go

just start your own thread when you need help

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What's the difference between Shopping Cart Designer and Shopping Cart Creator?

The designer makes it easy to customize the look of your shopping cart - especially handy if you're matching it to an existing website.
Adding a cart to your site might be over-kill, but you could use the shopping cart as your site - it has a home page, contact page and some others besides the product pages all ready to go. And you'd be ready to expand if you ever do want to add more products, as Tom pointed out.
Be sure to take advantage of the free trials! :)
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I am totally new to making a web site. I've tried the web design programs that came with my domain host and I'm here because I couldn't get what I wanted. I am wanting to make a website that will have fill in forms. To be precise, apps for Home, Auto and Commercial Insurance information. Can this be done with the Visual site developer? I know no HTML knowledge and I am not willing to learn. However, I can follow directions. Thanks.

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