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I am looking to build a web based service for archiving pdf files and then retrieving them by date range or by direct click. I would then open the pdf and read it.

It would be similar to a typical checking account application where instead of a transaction, it's a pdf file.

What toolset do you have to easily implement this application?
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My first thought was MSAccess, but that is hardly a web-based application. So probably SQL. I think the only Coffeecup app which can talk to a database must be Web Form Builder, but I'm not good enough with that app to advise you further. But hang on here, there are others who know much more about such things.
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You will need the HTML Editor to do some database coding for the back end. I would use Site Designer to make the interfaces front end.
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This is a site I built for use in my job.(HTML Editor)
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