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Hello Coffee Cuppers,

Your software has come highly recommended (as Dreamweaver and all similar programs have nearly driven me off the edge).

However, I just spent the last 50 minutes trying to find out how to edit my trial page in WYSIWYG mode. The visual editor tab was disabled, and after fumbling around in the program and then the forum pages, I found that I had to go into Tools->Preferences-> and unclick the box that said "Hide the Visual Editor Tab". Seeing how this tab is instrumental to most newbies and intermediate level users, why would it ever be hidden (and why would the box for this be buried in Tools-> Preferences rather than in Views).

I've heard how user friendly the Coffee Cup software is but I have to admit, this is one strike against it.
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Hello there npbone
You are perhaps aware that CoffeeCup produces an excellent program called Visual Site Designer for "newbies" which is WYSIWYG plus a bit... great for total visual design without ever having to get your hands messy in code if you like it that way.

The HTML Editor certainly has the visual editor incorporated, but switching between visual and code can create problems - more for coders than for WYSIWYGers, which is one of the reasons that the visual editing tab is turned off.

The general advice to users of the HTML Editor is to use one or the other of the two editors and to stick with that.

Once you get over your initial "newness" to CoffeeCup products, I am pretty certain that you too will be agreeing that the applications are user friendly. Please feel free to download some of the other trial programs to get a feel for them.

Look forward to seeing you inside the registered user forums which have to be some of the best in the world of software users!

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