Setting A Black Background When...

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marpies...not that I am aware of I'm afraid.
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Can I give this thread a bump? I'm trying out the software right now, and I love everything about it, Except that I can't seem to change the CSS background. This really is a must for me since I'm prone to headaches and a white screen just won't work for me. I can't imagine that this would be so hard to code for the dev's, and it would guarantee you another buyer. so uhm.. Pretty please with a cherry on top?
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Well this is not a new thread but i'm having the same problem and found it with a search so bumping...
it's absolutly useless with white background and I can't use it for CSS. Editing the _default.css make it look alright for a second then it instantly reverts to its original eyesore... No fix for this 9 year old problem?...bump buump
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Is it really didn't decide since 2011?)

All the best, Jean, marketing manager

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