My Support Room Down for 2 Days? -...

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Anyone else having an issue with My Support Room?

I have been getting this error since Friday morning. I knw when this error is a internal server error (I've caused it on my website a few times :P)

This page isn’t working right now can't currently handle this request.

Sent some emails, no response and seems strange that it hasn't bee fixed.
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I haven't noticed anything wrong with my support room. But there is fairly limited support on weekends, so wait for Monday. Maybe then everything has sorted itself.

Edit: I tried to access my support room now, and now it appeared all blank and empty for me too. I have relayed the problem to the boss.
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Hello Keith !

We were not aware of this problem, so thank you for letting Inger know :)

We fixed the issue and everything should work again.

Thanks for your patience, and have a great rest of your Sunday.


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