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I'm just getting started and seeing if Site Designer will work for me with my situation. I'm working with the Greenfield template. I've made a bit of progress so far.

One place I'm stuck is, I want to use an image for my logo in the upper left of the website, so I'm trying to drag a picture link into the navbar-section, but it won't let me. When I try to drag the element into the navbar area it just wants to go somewhere else (seems like it's too big to go in there, but obviously I'm planning to use a small image.)

Is this the totally wrong approach?


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It is not a wrong approach. When an element is being dragged in, it happens quite often that it goes somewhere else instead of where you want to have it. If you open the Inspector pane (the right-most one in the tool panel), you can locate it there and move it into the correct position. In your case, it would be right above or below the text-link .nav-logo, and with the same indentation. Check what properties the current nav-logo has, and give your picture-link the same ones (if relevant), then you can delete the nav-logo.
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Thank-you! That worked! :D

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